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CONSENT FORM PROJECT TITLE: Perceptions of sexual assault.
RESEARCHERS: Michael Marks, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology
(575) 646-1980
Lisa Savre, MA, & Kristen Oates, MA.
New Mexico State University

DESCRIPTION: The purpose of this study is to investigate how people perceive victims and perpetrators of sexual assault. Before this study begins, you must decide whether you wish to give your informed consent to participate. Informed consent involves three major issues. First, you must know what will happen during the experiment. Second, you must consent to participate voluntarily without being coerced. Third, you must be told that you can discontinue participation in the experiment at any time without penalty or consequence to you (or the experimenter), and you have the right to ask questions about the general nature of the experiment. By participating in this study, you will help contribute to the advancement of social psychological research in the area of personality and interpersonal relationships. You will receive one-half credit hour for your participation.

If you choose to participate in this study, you will be asked to read a story about a sexual assault, and then answer several questions about what you think about the victim and perpetrator. The study will be run in a single session lasting no more than 30 minutes. There are no known risks in this experiment, and participation is completely confidential (i.e., your responses will not be connected to your name).

EXCLUSION CRITERIA: No members of vulnerable populations will be included. Otherwise there are no exclusion criteria.


If you find this study disturbs you, you will be referred to the NMSU counseling center free of charge. The results of this study may benefit victims of sexual assault by helping to understand the factors that influence how people see them. VOLUNTARY NATURE OF PARTICIPATION:

You may withdraw from the research study at any time since your participation is entirely voluntary. If you decide not to participate, there will be no penalty or loss of benefits to you to which you are otherwise entitled. If you decide to participate, you may discontinue at a later date without penalty or loss of benefits to you to which you are otherwise entitled.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Any information obtained about you from the research including answers to questionnaires, history, laboratory data findings, or physical examination will be kept strictly confidential. The information you give us will not be shared with anyone outside the research team with your name attached. We will protect your confidentiality by coding your information with a number so no one can trace your answers to your name, limiting access to identifiable information, telling the research staff the importance of confidentiality, and storing research records in locked cabinets that are accessible only to the three named researchers above. The data derived from this study could be used in reports, presentations, and publications but you will never be individually identified.

NEW INFORMATION: Any new information obtained during the course of the research that my affect your willingness to continue participation in the study will be provided to you.

ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE OF CONSENT: Clicking the button at the bottom of the page means that you have freely agreed to participate in this research study. You should consent only if you have read the previous or it has been read to you and you understand its contents. If you have any questions about the study, you are free to ask them now or at any time during the study. Furthermore, you are free to contact the responsible faculty member, Professor Michael J. Marks:; 646-1980. If you have any questions pertaining to your rights as a research subject, you may contact the Office of the Vice President for Research at NMSU, (575) 646-7177, or at

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