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What is InternetRA?
The objective of InternetRA is to assist researchers with their research and data collection. We specialize in traditional survey/questionnaire research, experimental designs, and short-term longitudinal studies. In contrast to other services, we do the programming (i.e., creating the web pages and ensuring that they operate properly) so that you can focus on more important matters.

What Can We Do for You?
After consulting with you about your research needs, we will create your Internet study. In addition, we will provide the web space needed for running the study; you do not need to obtain a separate web hosting service or pay additional fees.

Our basic package allows you to collect data based on questionnaire items of your choosing. Respondents can respond to items using rating scales, text responses, pull-down menus, and/or check boxes. Moreover, after a participant has completed your study, he or she will be debriefed and his or her data will automatically be saved to your data base on our server. You will have the freedom to view or download these data at any time. Please see the Demonstrations and Examples page for an example of our basic package.

We also offer additional features that allow you to conduct more complex research. Here is a sampling of what some of these features allow you to do:

  • Randomly assign participants to conditions in experimental research
  • Use logins/usernames and passwords for your participants
  • Follow participants longitudinally
  • Provide your participants with customized feedback about their responses and/or the average responses (e.g., means, standard deviations, correlations) in your sample
  • Measure reaction times

Please see the Demonstrations and Examples page for examples of these additional features.

Who Will Benefit from Our Services?
During the last few years, an increasing number of behavioral scientists have expressed an interest in using the World Wide Web as a tool for conducting research. It is easy to understand the appeal of using "the Web" for research purposes. Just about anyone who is conducting a study via traditional pencil-and-paper methods can conduct that study on-line, but without the hassles of explicit transcription or data entry, the scheduling of participants, and paper costs. Moreover, researchers who use use computers for manipulating visual or narrative stimuli, randomizing trials, or creating customized assessments can easily implement those studies on-line with similar advantages. Finally, although researchers can use the Web simply as an efficient way to collect data from undergraduates in their departmental subject pools, the Web allows us to open our laboratory doors to participants from across the world. This can benefit researchers who may otherwise have a difficult time recruiting diverse or large samples.