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Learn more about our basic package, our prices, and our special features

Basic Package - $200
As part of our basic package, we will consult with you to determine needs and how to best accomplish your goals. We will create an on-line survey that include up to 200 survey questions. When the respondent completes the survey, he or she will be debriefed and the data will be saved automatically to a data file. You can download the data as a comma-delimited text file--a file that is easily imported into data analytic packages such as SPSS and Excel--at anytime during the study.

  Basic Package Features
Post up to 200 survey questions using rating scales, pull-down menus, textareas, and/or checkboxes.

When the participant completes the study, the data are automatically saved to a data file on our server and the participant is debriefed.

Data can be downloaded at any time and imported easily into common data-analytic packages, such as SPSS or Excel.  
While our programs are collecting your data, you can live the Good Life.

Additional Features
The basic package is useful for very simple studies, such as those that require the completion of one or more questionnaires. You may build upon the basic package by adding any one or more of the features listed below. You can see demonstrations of some of these features on the Demonstrations and Examples page.

  Additional Feature
Randomize Question/Stimuli Order
This feature will enable the stimuli to be presented in a randomized order for each participant. Randomization helps to ensure that the responses to stimuli are not a systematic function of the order in which they are presented.

Between-Subjects Random Assignment to Conditions
If you would like to implement an experiment on-line, this feature will enable you to randomly assign participants to conditions. There is no limit on the number of experimental factors or levels. (If you want to randomize within-subjects too, you will also need the "randomize questions/stimuli order" feature listed above.)

Customized Feedback for Participants
This feature allows you to provide your participants with a summary of their performance (e.g., their average score on one or more dependent variables). This is an excellent way to reward your participants for their participation. We also provide bargraphs to visually summarize data where appropriate.
Customized Data Analysis for Participants
This feature allows you to summarize for your participants the performance of the sample at large (e.g., group means, correlations between variables). These analyses are conducted when the participant submits his or her data and reflect whatever data currently exist in your database. We also provide bargraphs to visually summarize data where appropriate.
Login Menus for Participants
This feature requires participants to enter a username and password in order to participate in your research. The username and password can be generated by the researcher or by the participant.
Reaction Times
This feature allows you to assess the amount of time that a participant spends on a web page. This is not ideal for experimental stimuli that can be processed within a second or two (e.g., Stroop experiments, lexical decision tasks). However, it is quite useful for stimuli that require several seconds to be processed (e.g., the recall of episodic memories).
Tracking Participants Across Multiple Sessions
This feature is useful for research that involves an extensive number of surveys (i.e., survey situations in which it will take more than one sitting for the participant to complete the study) or following research participants over time (e.g., short-term longitudinal work, diary studies).

Skip Patterns
This feature automatically directs users to certain questions/stimuli on the basis of their previous responses.

Specialized Web Domain Name
By default, your study will be hosted on our web site with a URL such as A personalized domain name would allow you to create a unique web address for your study, such as
If you would like to used image-based stimuli in your study (e.g., photos or people, shapes), you will need to supply us with JPEG versions of those images. Because images require the use of additional Internet resources, we charge $2 per image used in your study.
  Customized Logos
If you would like for us to create a customized logo for your study, we can do so. Simply give us a sense of what you would like and we'll generate some possibilities for you to choose among. If you would like to provide your own logo, you may do so for $2 (see the Images feature above).
  Advertising your Study
By default, we assume that you already have a set of participants that you will direct to your web study. However, if you would like for us to help announce or advertise your site on the Internet, there is an additional charge.